Help Us Preserve South Lake Tahoe's Natural Beauty:

It's No Secret: South Lake Tahoe is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful places on the planet -- and we're certainly not one to disagree. We're extremely lucky to host our festival in such a stunning locale, and we're committed to doing our part to ensure that its legacy and beauty is everlasting. That's why we've partnered with Keep Tahoe Blue -- an organization dedicated to preserving the environmental balance, scenic beauty, and recreational opportunities of the Tahoe Basin -- for #SNOWGLOBE2014!

We know that the members SnowGlobe Family are full of heart and are as passionate about community as they are about music. Join us in helping to preserve South Lake Tahoe's Natural Beauty. Commit to keeping our home clean. Commit To Leaving No Trace!

About Keep Tahoe Blue

We're extremely proud to be partnering with Keep Tahoe Blue for #SNOWGLOBE2014 and are committed to educating our fans on how they can help contribute to our ultimate goal of waste reduction and minimizing environmental impact. Keep Tahoe Blue [The League To Save Lake Tahoe] is a solutions-based organization, focused on advocating for sensible environmental regulations backed by science and monitoring, devoted community engagement, grassoots involvement, and a collective ideology of working together to Keep Tahoe Blue. The League is Tahoe's oldest and largest environmental organization. 

  • KTB advocates for strong environmental regulation and enforcement to protect Lake Tahoe for this and future generations.

  • KTB educates and engages the public about how to protect Lake Tahoe.

  • KTB collaborates with stakeholders to address environmental issues. They support collaborate, innovative, and science-based solutions to environmental issues facing the Lake.

To Learn More About Keep Tahoe Blue [Or To Get Invovled], Visit WWW.KEEPTAHOEBLUE.ORG

Fast Facts: Do You Know Tahoe? 

Photo Courtesy TahoeSouth -- Photo Credit Keshia Lukes 

Photo Courtesy TahoeSouth -- Photo Credit Keshia Lukes 


  • Lake Tahoe is one of the clearest lakes in the United States -- where you can see down over 70 feet. Air pollution affects Lake Tahoe's clarity -- carpool to the festival and ride the shuttles once you arrive to help Keep Tahoe Blue!

  • Over 3 Million People visit Lake Tahoe each year. Plastic bags harm wildlife and stay in the lake for thousands of years. While you're a guest in South Lake Tahoe, reduce trash and bring you own bags while shopping to help Keep Tahoe Blue!

  • Lake Tahoe is the largest Alpine Lake in the United States with over 72 miles of shoreline. Cigarette butts harm wildlife and pets. Keep Tahoe Blue removes thousands of butts from Tahoe's beaches every year. Don't litter -- pick up after yourself! 

  • With 41 trillion gallons, Lake Tahoe has enough water to cover the entire state of California in 15 inches of water. Trash on the ground eventually ends up the lake. Picking up trash does much more than you think -- your little act of kindness can help to Keep Tahoe Blue!

Do Your Part

Interested in learning more about getting involved with Keep Tahoe Blue? They've got plenty of ways you can contribute towards both the beautification and preservation of the lake. Click Here To Learn More About Volunteer Opportunities.

Ready to commit now? Click Here To Fill Out a volunteer on-line registration form!